Why I paint outside.

Why I paint outside.


Why are there so few artist who go to paint outside?

It took me a while too before I started doing it. In the past, I didn’t feel like going out there at all. It was far cosier and safer inside my studio. More then once I heard from my schoolmates that it was lame to paint in plein air anyway. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them.

Because when I overcame my hesitation and finally ventured to paint outside, everything changed.
I felt so much more real than being locked in the studio copying photographs or haunting inspiration on the internet. Suddenly I knew that only out there, absorbed in the real world, I could do what felt most natural to me. Being comfronted with the subject that I could view from different angles, that I could touch or smell – that was the most exciting form of painting I could imagine.
When you are outside and it’s scorching hot or raining or your hands are shaking because of freezing temperature – all these experiences transfer into the picture you are painting. And you, the viewer, are able to pick up on that too. That’s not possible in the studio. You can’t dig these sensations out of photographs.

You can see my plein air canvases in pretty neat resolution at here.

I painted these three following oils during past Summer in the Bohemian Highlands.


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