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Sketches from Taiwan 3

May 5, 2014

Tomas Honz

Third round of doodles from Taiwan. This time including some more refined oil paintings too.



Plein air paintings, January & February 2013

March 3, 2013

Tomas Honz

Waiting for the End – process explained

December 17, 2012

Tomas Honz

Waiting for the End

Waiting for the End

How did I create my latest large painting?

First, I took a plein air study with appropriate color harmonies. At this stage I already had pretty clear idea of what I wanted.

Then I took advantage of my digital painting skills and made a new sketch in photoshop. I picked colors right from the plein air study and created this epic scene depictig last hours of mankind.


The photoshop sketch served well as a map for large studion painting, but I let the painting evolve a bit on it’s own.

Waiting for the End

If you are familiar with photoshop, don’t be afraid to use it for your advantage!

Zdeněk Burian

December 8, 2012

Tomas Honz

Czech painter and book illustrator whose work played a central role in the development of paleontological reconstructions during a remarkable career spanning five decades. Burian’s fame later spread to an international audience, and a number of artists later attempted to emulate his style. He is regarded by many as the most influential palaeo-artist of the modern era. (wikipedia)

     Zdenek Burian

Circus Duo

November 9, 2012

Tomas Honz

Oil on board, 50x70cm, October 2012

Oil on board, 50x70cm, October 2012


I used these two plein air sketches as references:

Plein air paintings, September 2012

September 29, 2012

Tomas Honz

John Singer Sargent, archive of all paintings

September 14, 2012

Tomas Honz

Hey guys,
I have a little suprise for you today. I wanted to share my “hardcore” virtual collection of paintings by J. S. Sargent. There should be almost all oil paintings (excluding portraits) and most watercolors in best resoulution I could possibly find.

Some might consider me crazy, but I must admit that I browse this collection once a week instead of watching a movie. :) I bet that you will too after you get this package.

Download it here.

Isaac Ilyich Levitan

August 24, 2012

Tomas Honz

Time to share another great painter of past: Isaac Levitan.

(1860 – 1900) “Born into a poor Jewish family in Lithuania, Levitan was able to enrol at the Moscow School of Painting when aged only thirteen and made rapid progress, the great merchant collector, Pavel Tretyakov buying one of his early paintings. In 1876 he sketched in the Crimea and during the summers of 1887 and 1890 he painted in the Volga region. These years saw the development of his long friendship with the future playwright Anton Chekhov and the creation of his first ‘mood landscapes’.

Levitan travelled extensively, if briefly, in Europe, visiting Berlin, Paris, north Italy, Switzerland, Munich and Vienna and was thus, unlike most of his Russian comtemporaries, well aware of the artistic trends in the west. His experience of European painting added considerably to the breadth of his vision in depicting the Russian terrain. In doing this Levitan sought simple but well-loved motifs of the countryside, portraying them in an increasingly laconic and intelligent way. Levitan’s scenes of fields and forests at twilight achieve an extraordinary atmospheric veracity, while his joyful evocations of the Russian spring are noted for their expressive lyricism.”

Source: Isaac Levitan: Lyrical Landscape

Pictures borrowed from: GalleriX . Go here to see more paintings.


August 16, 2012

Tomas Honz

I was lucky to spend beautiful eleven days on Karphatos, one of the Greek islands. Nice thing about this place was, apart from other islands, that it was relatively free of mass tourism.
One can make adventurous walks through the island, or visit ancient villages in mountains, where people still honor old traditions, while barely meeting other travelers.
It was pleasant to see places of unspoiled nature, to taste delicious local food and to swim in crystal clear water.

Feel free to check out some photos me and my friend Kate brought back!

And I also managed to paint several watercolors, not of high quality though.

Ponds in Bohemia

June 26, 2012

Tomas Honz

I would say that ponds are very significant sign of my country. Wherever you go, you probably soon find one. And the best is that they are so paintable!

Oil on canvas paper, 22x30cm

Oil on canvas paper, 35x48cm

Oil on canvas paper,18x24cm

Oil on canvas paper, 22x30cmI

Morning light

June 19, 2012

Tomas Honz

Three brand new paintings for you today! I finnaly increased size of my canvases by a bit and I must admit that working larger is even more exciting.

Oil on canvas paper, 30x45cm,
June 2012

Oil on canvas paper, 35x44cm,
June 2012

Oil on canvas paper, 44x30cm,
June 2012

Last paintings before annual exams

June 8, 2012

Tomas Honz

Soon I will be having annual exams. That means showcasing and defending all my work from past year.

And these paintings are the last I managed to paint in time to be included. I’m curious what the jury will say, because not many painters work in plein-air here. We are rare kind in Czech Republic. :)


Nature in Prague

May 15, 2012

Tomas Honz

I begin to think that it’s impossible to find bit of unspoiled nature here in Prague. People like to throw their garbage wherever they go, forgetting that they make mess right under their own homes. But there are still places which remind that crystal clear feeling of pure nature, and those are the places which I like to paint.

Oil on canvas paper, 26x40cm,
May 2012

Oil on canvas paper, 24x18cm,
May 2012

Small paintings from Vysočina

May 10, 2012

Tomas Honz

I was lucky to spend few days in my beloved corner of Czech Republic – Vysočina. I grew up there and I still have deep feelings for that shire.

These are few pochade paintings done on location. I hope you enjoy them!


May 8, 2012

Tomas Honz

These paintings are not exactly new (both about a month old), but I haven’t taken proper shots of them until a week ago.

Oil on canvas paper, 30x40cm,
April 2011

Oil on canvas paper, 40x35cm,
April 2012

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