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Twilight in the Cemetery

March 19, 2015

Tomas Honz

How to paint that mysterious time between day and night? Cameras are unable to capture it nor did I see many artworks that would manage to do it. Shapes dissolve, colors shift, everything changes so quickly at that time. I think figuring this out shall be my long term goal.

Twilight in the Cemetery

Twilight in the Cemetery – Sketch. Oil on canvas, 60x35cm, March 2015



Plein air in the famous cemetery in Prague.

March 12, 2015

Tomas Honz

I was so fascinated by the bare trees above ancient tombs of Olsanske cemetery. These trees, not the graves are what actually make the place so creepy.

Bare trees

Oil on board, 36x44cm, February 2015

When you compare the two paintings you can notice that I made some small changes after I returned to the studio.


Sketches from Czech Republic

January 19, 2015

Tomas Honz

Bunch of random observational sketches I made while wandering around my country.


Ink paintings from Taiwan

January 5, 2015

Tomas Honz

These are some of the Chinese ink paintings I did while I was studying in Taiwan.

Into Darkness – insight into the painting process

October 10, 2014

Tomas Honz

Enjoy some insight into what had to be done to finish this painting.

I was always captivated by the absorbing darkness of dense pine forest. When you stand on the right spot, it almost feels like it is going to devour you. I wanted to paint that thing. And this summer, I finally got around to do that. Bellow is a moderate size oil study. I also took lot of photos for aid.

Into dakness - plein air sketch


The idea I had in mind was little bit different though. So I did what I always do when I want to do some deep exploration – digital painting. This was the sketch that I decided to go with.

Into darkness - digital sketch


And this image is a snapshot of what I painted after the first session. My goal is always to fill the canvas as soon as possible, this was also the case.

Into darkness - painting in progress


And the final painting. Executed in oils on 150x100cm canvas. You can see that I made some further changes in composition along the way.

Into darkness


Sketches from Venice

August 23, 2014

Tomas Honz

Best things in Venice.

August 21, 2014

Tomas Honz

I’ve just returned from a week long trip to Venice and well, I think I saw everyting. :)
So I would like to share with you couple of things that blew my mind most there.
Obviously Palazzo Duccale – middle age architectural marvel and Biblioteca Marciana, another wonderful sight. (both on the photo)

Santa Maria Della Salute. This is classic – a triumph of barrock architecture. If you stand in front of it you will understand why.


Tizian’s dark and violent Martyrdom of st. Lawrence …. it’s in Chiesa dei Gesuaty and it seems that most tourist are not aware of it at all. You will have all the time in the world to contemplate this splendid piece there!


Tintoretto in Madonna dell’Orto. Unbelievable composition. Again, it’s far from main roads so you can have nice quiet moment to enjoy this!


Bellini in Galleria dell Accademia. Giovanni Bellini was true master of color. You can feel it when you see this with your own eyes in Academia. Other famous altarpiece is in Zaccaria and is at least the same quality.


Tintorentto and Tizian in Scuola Grande di San Rocco.
Don’t skip this museum. Tintorento decorated it’s walls and ceilings with 66 paintings, inculding his greatest masterpieces! You will also see a wonderful painting by Titian there.



Sketches from Taiwan 5

August 12, 2014

Tomas Honz

Last installment of Taiwanese ink sketches. This 4 months long trip was definitely life changing experience. I will share more soon.

Oils from Taiwan

June 23, 2014

Tomas Honz

These are oil paintings I brought back from Taiwan.

Sketches from Taiwan 4

May 31, 2014

Tomas Honz

Fourth and not yet last installment of Taiwan sketches. I must say that ink has really become my new favourite medium for sketching both outside and in the studio.

Sketches from Taiwan 3

May 5, 2014

Tomas Honz

Third round of doodles from Taiwan. This time including some more refined oil paintings too.



Sketches from Taiwan 2

April 19, 2014

Tomas Honz

And second round of doodles from Taiwan.



Sketches from Taiwan

March 31, 2014

Tomas Honz

First bunch of sketches from Taiwan. It’s just a small selection.

3 books every art lover should read

November 26, 2013

Tomas Honz

1) Kevin Macpherson: Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color
If you want to learn how to see, mix and put down accurate colors, buy this book. Kevin Macpherson is the true master of plein air painting who is not only capable of producing unbelievable artworks, but is also able break down the process of painting into easy to understand and incredibly efficient steps.


2) Ernst H. Gombrich: The Story of Art.
Probably the best introduction to the art history up to date. It offers complex insight into the subject while keeping things simple and understandable. And as a bonus, it’s incredibly pleasant to read.


3) Robert Henri: The Art Spirit
This little gem literally changed my perspective on the way I see the world around. It’s about art, life and about being a human – always curious, playful and eager to learn. This is one of the books that make you smile every time you open them.


Getting small

September 2, 2013

Tomas Honz

Working small has many advantages, the first of which is speed. Since time is a crucial factor for many scenes, doing small paintings is sometimes the only way to capture fleeting moments.

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