UPDATE: The painting was sold for 2100EUR and all the money were already donated to various projects. Mostly to the Embassy of UA in Prague. Thanks everyone!

This painting would never have come into being without the war in Ukraine. Things look different now. Suddenly, it became easy to imagine that everything we’ve built during the last decades, things that seemed eternall, can actually disappear quite easily.
I wanted to paint this feeling of insecurity and impending catastrophe.
And since the events of the last two months have affected me a lot, I decided to try to help through my work as well.
So this painting is for sale from now on. However, the money from it will not go to my coffers, but to help Ukraine. Three-quarters directly to the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague to purchase military equipment or whatever they deem fit. The rest to the individual people who help along their axis.
The basic price is 2000EUR. Who by Wednesday 20.4.2022 24:00 offers the largest amount, gets the picture. Nothing complicated. Please contact me on my email tomcalisto@gmail.com for reservation.
Let’s make the difference together.

Dark Times (Pre-Apocalypse)

Oil on canvas

Private collection

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