Canary Islands

At the time of writing this post I have already been to the Canary Islands four times. Every time I was there I felt like I was visiting another planet. Jagged rocks, bizarre cliffs, completely different plants and omnipresent volcanoes. To me, Canaries have always been islands to walk and explore.
It wasn’t until the fourth visit at the end of 2022 that I took the oils with me. I picked a few places in Tenerife and rented an apartment there for longer than most people would. If I had to hurry, it wouldn’t paint well.
Despite of having these rather comfortable bases, the paintings themselves were created in adventurous conditions. I often had to scrabble for long distance or struggle with the unpredictable wind.
But as always, it only benefited the images.

The following three paintings were painted in the studio after my earlier trips.


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