A Haunted House

Oil on canvas
2021 (2023 revision)

The locals say there is something wrong with this house. It has been repeatedly struck by lightning, with even a ball of lightning entering through the chimney on two occasions. The last owner passed about twenty years ago. He was a local drunk.
The house has since fallen into disrepair. I remember from childhood how we were afraid to walk around it. And because I’m crazy and I like to paint thrilling things, I decided to venture there and got down to it. When I arrived, I put on my headlamp, made my way through the nettles and brambles, and began to work methodically, trying not to think about what might be lurking in the darkness. It went well for quite a while. It was just a bit cold. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of something peculiar. A large creature, resembling a white animal, swiftly passed right in front of my easel. I quickly pointed my flashlight where it was. I couldn’t see anything. Nevertheless, it completely startled me. Suddenly everything seemed different. My hands got shaky. I made sure to finish the last few important brushstrokes and packed up with a lightspeed. While I was striding away I was trying to figure out what has just happened. I was exhaling heavily, and each breath illuminated by my headlamp created wisps of vapor. Could it be that the vapor accidentally formed the silhouette of a beast, and my peripheral vision misinterpreted it? I hoped so. But when I was running away, my headlamp stopped working. I had charged before leaving the house and normally lasts for dozen hours. This was too strange.
Nonetheless, I eventually made it home without encountering any further monstrous sights. The painting turned out splendid, and what remained was an exhilarating experience.


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