Green Paintings From Summer

Czech Landscape
In Spring and Summer

No place on Earth is like my homeland. I can travel and paint all over the world, but here I see more. Memories, warmth, safety, ….. home.

Sometimes people tell me that my paintings remind them childhood memories that they never thought they had. Nothing makes me happier than hearing this.

In about a month I will send pictures from the second half of the summer.

And something else is also coming. Completely new stuff. It will still take years before it gets some definite form, but it’s progressing and it’s exciting.

Best, Tomas

Paintings from Greece

When I was heading to Greece this year, I thought I would paint the sea. I was especially looking forward to capturing rocky coasts and turqouise seas.
But everything turned out differently. In the end, I painted cypress trees and a cloudy skies. Because the weather was everything but sunny and Kefalonia turned out to be a place where wild cypresses grew exactly as I’ve been trying to find them for so long.
For me, these trees are a symbol not only of the Mediterranean, but also of the myth of Arcadia – something that has been in my mind for a while and that I’ve been developing in the studio.

Yours, Tomas

P.S.: I also made bunch of decent watercolors:

Paintings from Italy

Most people go straight to Rome from the airport, spend few days there and maybe visit Tivolo as an extra day trip.
However, I already had spent a month in Rome a few years ago, so this time I decided to focus on the rest of the region which I had unjustfully neglected. Some of my more important stops were: Cerveteri, Monterano, Tarquinia, Anquillaira Sabazia, Tivoli, Orvietto.
And I painted there too. Seven decent oils and several watercolours came out of the trip.

If you are interested in any, feel free to let me know.
Yours, Tomas